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About Us.

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Producing media content is critical for brands to engage, educate and encourage action towards their mission

We embrace the responsibility to develop multiple videos based on authenticity, serve as extensions of marketing teams, and guide our clients through the thousands of decisions to produce video campaigns that are thought-provoking and focuses on long-term problem-solving.

Our deliverables have included origin stories from founders, team member spotlights, successful case studies, client testimonials, product demos, gubernatorial campaigns, event recap videos, animations, and social media soundbites so our collaborators can consistently and concisely tell their stories to engage, educate, and encourage action within their target audience throughout the year.


We understand every project requires a different strategy to engage your target audience, so we work to help you uncover the essence of your brand. 


We aim to guide you through every step of the production process to ensure a cohesive and compelling story.


We assemble our top collaboratorsto take that strategy and messagingto bring that vision to life.

We understand every project requires a different strategy to engage your target audience.


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Our Collaborators
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Tom Dodge
Founder & CEO
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John Duke Logan
Executive Video Producer
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Eli Bock
Advertising Director & Animator
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David Lam
Creative Director
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